Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Adult Karate - "LXII"

I hadn't heard of Adult Karate (other than assuming it was something offered at the YMCA) before a half-hour ago, but thanks to following Plug Research on Soundcloud, AK's new EP LXII came up in my feed. Trusting the Plug-people to always bring the goodness, I clicked 'play' and boy am I glad I did. "LXII" is a slow-burner that takes a good two minutes before the drums even kick in and when they do it's at a loping pace that is mostly propelled by the bassline. I have listened to this track three times in a row, and at the moment that accounts for roughly 10% of the 29 plays it's had so far (when I'm posting this). Go check it out and raise that total!

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