Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Long Beard - Sleepwalker

I don't think I've sung the praises of Winnipeg artist astre on this blog before, but I've had the good fortune to see them perform live a few times as well as the great pleasure of recording a live session at UMFM. Listening to Sleepwalker from New Brunswick, New Jersey act Long Beard, I can't help but think of the local corollary - but with a fuller sound as guitarist/vocalist Leslie Bear is accompanied by drummer Stefan Koekemoer and bassist Tom Christie.

One of the tags the band applied to Sleepwalker on their Bandcamp page is "drone folk" - I kinda like that descriptor, though it doesn't completely do justice to what Long Beard are doing on this album and the plethora of tags suggest they know how difficult it is to pin down what's going on. Though one tag would suffice: GREAT.

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