Thursday, May 21, 2015

I try not to shill, but...

So the purpose of Reductive Reviews is about sharing great new music that comes across my radar. I don't look at as out-and-out-shilling, and I rarely directly say "go buy this" but regular readers will know I'm a fan of what Mello Music Group put out (especially Oddisee) and have regularly shared cuts from their catalogue.

I'm getting nothing out of what I'm about to share (other than knowing you're checking out more great music) - but I had to let folks know that the label is having a massive sale on their Bandcamp page with pretty much the entirety of their back-catalog on sale for $4.99 a pop. It doesn't include the amazing new LP from Oddisee, The Good Fight, but the money you save on the rest can be put towards that one.

To just give you a taste of what you can get in the sale, here's a recent cut called "Word to the Wise (ft. Oddisee)" from the Persona album.

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