Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stephen David Heitkotter - "Cadillac Woman"

I have heard the future, and it is the past. The always-on-point-and-definitely-hyphenized Now-Again Records have reissued an obscure psych rock classic (apparently only 25 copies originally pressed) from one-time Road Runners drummer Stephen David Heitkotter. Schizophrenia cut his career short and his record Heitkotter under the moniker Black Orchid became a whisper and an echo.

Listening to what Now-Again has released as Black Orchid under Heitkotter's own name, it's a shame that this didn't achieve the acclaim it deserved in its day, but damn is it still impressive.

Black Orchid is available for purchase here. Check out "Cadillac Woman" via Soundcloud below.

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