Thursday, December 19, 2013

Oddisee - "Invisible Walls"

We'll get back to the 2013 year-end rundowns in a minute, but let's take a quick pause and listen to some brand new Oddisee. As if dude didn't just release one of the best albums of the year in The Beauty In All (and a dope mixtape accompaniment in the form of Tangible Dream), he's also got new ish for the new year. "Invisible Walls" will appear on the Mello Music Group comp Mandala Vol. 1, Polysonic Flows out January 28th 2014. Peep it now!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 In Review - The Longlist Part 1

Well we're at that point in the calendar when the parents are running around buying items of their kids wishlist and the folks like me are creating lists of a different sort. My compatriot at UMFM, Station Manager Jared McKetiak and I will be doing our NINTH annual Year End Wrap-Up show on New Years' Eve counting down our Top 20 Songs and Albums. Normally I cut it really close to the wire in whittling my longlist down but I have to record the program early this year as I'll be away for NYE and so my Top 20 has been finalized and my "missed it by that much" list is burning a hole in my soul. These are the albums I considered by didn't select - I think they're great though and there's a bunch of them so this list is divided into three parts. The first 20 selections alphabetically are below. ____________________________________________________ A Tribe Called Red - Nation II Nation [Pirates Blend] This is the record I had hoped would take home the Polaris Prize amongst the shortlisted albums. Jay Arner - Jay Arner [Mint] I got hip to Arner when I was visiting family in B.C. and discovered the Bleating Hearts. While that band is no longer, Arner soldiers on and released a great record under his own name. He also swung by UMFM and did a great live session for us. Baths - Obsidian [Anticon] Cerulean was my #8 record of 2010. Obisidian is no slouch of a record either so it's saying something that a great record from a past Top 10 act didn't make the 20 this year. Beliefs - Beliefs [Hand Drawn Dracula] This Toronto duo was one of my discoveries of the year - the folks at Hand Drawn Dracula always bring the goods, but with this Jesus & Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine inspired record, they brought the great. Big Deal - June Gloom [Mute] More shoegazing tunes, this time from a London UK duo on Mute. James Blake - Overgrown [Atlas/Polydor] Another past top performer that didn't make the final list this year (seriously, I could have made a different Top 20 with just albums from past Top 10 album creators). Blue Hawaii - Untogether [Arbutus] Great year for Arbutus Records and for Blue Hawaii member Raphaelle Standell-Preston who you'll hear more from on New Years' Eve. Boats - A Fairway Full Of Miners [Kill Rock Stars] This isn't just on here because I'm on it (seriously though, I sang some vocals on a record on KRS!!!). Klachefsky and co. continue on with the off-kilter but on-point pop they've always crafted. Bosq of Whiskey Barons - Bosq y Orquestra De Madera [Ubiquity] Ubiquity is one of those labels I always make time for when it comes to reviewing their new releases (and their re-issues on Luv 'N Haight) and the fine folks there hooked me up with an early 7-in. from Bosq that served to stoke my fires for the full-length. This is some dancehall madness here. Botany - Lava Diviner [Western Vinyl] I already shared this cut from the album back in August, but if you missed it give it a listen now and then check out the rest of the record. Danny Brown - Old [Fool's Gold Records] While he's made a name for his mixtapes, Brown dropped a pretty outstanding album here. Chance The Rapper - Acid Rap [Independent] Speaking of mixtapes, this is the best of the year. Go cop it at Chance's homepage. Louise Burns - The Midnight Mass [Light Organ Records] Burns was #6 in 2011 for Mellow Drama, a garage gem a la Dum Dum Girls, but she went darker here. Curious to see where she goes next. Bill Callahan - Dream River [Drag City] I can't remember which site put this at #1 for the year, but this understated, beautiful album from Callahan is getting love on a lot of lists. Deservedly. Classixx - Hanging Gardens [Innovative Leisure] Borderline is a stand-out track I've been spinning all year, but the rest of the album is of a note. Chris Forsyth - Solar Motel [Paradise of Bachelors] Forsyth is like James Harden when he was on OKC. Best sixth-man in the biz and always solid off the bench - with Kenzo Deluxe on Northern Spy last year and the four-part Solar Motel on Paradise of Bachelors this year, dude just continues to do things with the guitar that I love, but just haven't put him in as a starter. The selection below is just a tease of the 12-minute-plus full take of Part III. Grand Analog - Modern Thunder [The Shadow Cabinet] Former Winnipeggers went big city and bigger sound on Modern Thunder. Admittedly it's been years since they moved to T.O. and they've been moving toward the new sound over an even longer period. The good get better and this is their best. Grey Reverend - A Hero's Lie [Ninja Tune] I still scratch my head over this coming out on Ninja Tune - I guess there's the Bonobo connection, but as part of the NT roster this is even more left-field than Fog. That said, it's also gut-wrenchingly beautiful and I'm just glad it got released. headshotboyz - highlelujah [Independent] I have Andrew Jervis to thank for introducing me to this production team from Budapest. His Bandcamp Weekly podcast has become a must-listen and it's where I first heard selections from highlelujah. Don't sleep on either. Tim Hecker - Virgins [Paper Bag Records] I kinda think this record is going to make the Polaris shortlist for 2013/2014 - or at the very least the longlist. It's been greeted with universal acclaim and that's saying something for a work this dark and unique.

Charles Bradley ft. the Budos Band - "Changes" (Black Sabbath cover)

Christmas came a little early. The fine folks at Daptone Records put this little chestnut up on Soundcloud yesterday. If you were lucky enough to score the Black Friday Record Store Day 7-in. then this isn't new, but Bradley covering Ozzy was a surprise for me...

Black Dirt Oak - Wawayanda Patent

While I'm still mulling over my faves of this year, the first great album of 2014 has already crossed my desk. MIE Records, by way of Northern Spy, will be releasing Black Dirt Oak's Wawayanda Patent. BDO is a group comprised of members of Pelt, No Neck Blues Band, Desert Heat, Rhyton, Pigeons and more and hopefully some of those names will get you excited. I'm lucky enough to have heard the whole album, but here's the first track they've shared widely; "Florian's Wind."

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Zara McFarlane - "Police & Thieves"

While it's not an original, this reworked version of my favourite Clash song is yet another stunner from Zara McFarlane's forthcoming LP, If You Knew Her. If the rest of the album holds up like this, I'll be figuring out where to put it on my Top 20 in twelve months.

St. Vincent - "Birth In Reverse"

St. Vincent's gone a little disco on this first track from her forthcoming record. Late February release for the self-titled LP.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

MR.CAR/\\ACK - "Calm The Fuck Down (Carmack...)"

Sometimes we all need to calm the fuck down.

DENA - "Bad Timing"

WAY mellower than the other DENA cuts I've posted here, but "Bad Timing" is a misnomer as it marks the official announcement of an impending full-length from the Berlin/Bulgarian artist. Flash comes out February 24th on Normal Surround / !K7. About time.

Charles Bradley - "Ait It A Sin (feat. The Bullets)"

A little treat from Daptone Records for those who didn't get their hand on the Black Friday Record Store Day release (though seriously, there's a second record story day? and it coincides with Black Friday?). "Ain't It A Sin" is another slice of impassioned soul from the Screaming Eagle of Soul.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kraked Unit - "Chinese Puzzle (20syl Remix)"

DOOOOOOOPE. Now I want to see this Casse tĂȘte chinois flick.

French Horn Rebellion & Savoir Adore - "The Fire"

They've tagged this as "Next Jack Swing" on Soundcloud. I'm old enough to remember jack swing when it was just new and while this doesn't quite echo the O.G., it's still a heck of a song and a pretty great collaboration. Savoir Adore vocals are a great complement to French Horn Rebellion's cuts. "The Fire" is available as a free download so go cop it.